Divorce in Georgia

Georgia is a sovereign state in the Caucasus region of Eurasia, it has an area of 69, 700 square kilometer. The capital of Georgia is Tbilisi and its population is around 4.7 million. After the Russian revolution, Georgia was declared independent on 26, 1918. The laws regarding divorce are highly strict in Georgia. Directly or indirectly divorce affects the family, people have to deal with a lot of trauma when it comes to divorce. There are certain rules that have to be followed in order to file a divorce case. Georgia has around 13 laws for divorce in which 12 are for fault grounds and 1 is for irretrievable ground. Taking divorce in Georgia is not a tough job as the rules and regulations prevalent there are not strict.

Looking for Divorce in Georgia

Divorce is legally ending a relationship when the hopes in the relation have already ended. It is when two people are unable to live together because of huge number of misunderstandings and too many problems in their relationship. Although, it is hard on both the people involved in a divorce still it is when people lose hopes in their relationship. Fast changing life style, stress related to work and shortage of time are the major reasons for large number of divorces taking place all around the world. Many people are looking for ways to get rid of a relationship and because marriage is a legal process, getting rid of it should be done through a legal process only.

In Georgia, the divorce laws are strict and all the laws should be followed properly in order to leave the frustration and tensions behind. Adults might take time to recover and regain their normal psychological self but it becomes almost impossible for the children to handle and they might face psychological problems in the future and an inability to trust any one.

Reasons for divorce

There are various reasons why people these days are parting ways from their partners. In the present scenario more and more people around the globe. Some of the major reasons behind the growing rate of divorces are given below:

  • Lack of commitment:One of the major reasons behind the divorces is lack of commitment. People mostly marry because of the decisions of their family members and later on they find it difficult to remain loyal to their partners. Communication gaps occur and later on it becomes difficult for them to stay together.

  • Inability to resolve conflicts:Another major reason for large number of divorces is inability to resolve the conflicts. They fight with each other over petty matters and do not resolve the issues because of their ego. Lack of maturity creates the inability to resolve conflicts and petty matters become big issues.

  • Extra marital affairs:Divorces take place mostly because of extra marital affairs. One of the persons among the two is unfaithful and starts dating another individual and once the trust is lost it cannot be gained back again.

  • Different opinions about household and financial matters:One of the reasons for divorce is difference in opinion of people. They do not agree on various household and financial matters and it becomes difficult to stay together. When expectations are not met,the relationships are effected the most. Marriages are all about trust and when a person cannot trust the other with some financial matters it becomes difficult to stay together under one roof.

  • Over possessiveness and mental instability:People might part ways also because of over possessiveness and mental instability. One of the partners might become too possessive and avoid giving space to the other. Another reason that might cause divorce is mental instability, people who are mentally instable cannot live with a normal person, their views, their perspectives and perceptions do not match.

  • Religious views:One of the most common reasons for divorces are the religious views of the people. Until and unless a person is patient, he cannot bear the religious differences. If the person is orthodox, it might lead to intolerance which might result into some kind of physical or emotional abuse.

Divorce in Georgia

Various laws are prevalent in Georgia for all those who want a divorce. People might file divorce case against their partner in the court of law. The person has to prove that the other person was at fault and did something wrong because of which he/she requires a divorce.

  • In case of adultery, adultery in Georgia is when one of the partners is a heterosexual or homosexual and has some relationship with another individual other than their lawful counterpart.

  • In case the person has deserted his/her partner for an year or more, divorce can be granted in such a case.

Taking divorce from the person you married and lived together with, is a traumatic decision. People with a strong heart and mind can go through the problems that come with divorce. Also, in some cases where a person is suffering a lot and bearing a wide range of problems in their married life should take divorce and end the suffering altogether. Divorce in Georgia can be taken by consulting an attorney and filing a case with all the evidences attached to it. Sometimes people are sure of taking a divorce and parting ways but after that they become vulnerable and start feeling lonely; therefore the decision of taking a divorce should be taken very carefully so that they do not regret their decision. Also, people should think about their children who suffer the most when a relationship ends.

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